About Us

JEE Client Services has its origins in the leading commercial law firm, Jackson, Etti & Edu, which traditionally has strong expertise in delivering bespoke, commercially-innovative solutions to a broad range of clients.

JEE Client Services offers a comprehensive and fully-integrated end-to-end service for any SME, Corporate Entity, High-Net-Worth Individual, or Membership Organisation.

We pride ourselves on our values of being Practical, Innovative, Flexible, Entrepreneurial and Team-oriented.

Our team of qualified lawyers and company secretaries will work in partnership with you to provide a pragmatic solution to your compliance needs. We pay attention to your goals, work to complement your existing structure, and build an effective compliance framework for your organisation.

Our expertise and experience spans all types and sizes of businesses so we are innovative in providing flexible solutions that suit your size and type of business, and we hit the ground running from your first instruction.

We work across four service lines where our expertise adds value to clients.

Administration & Business Support

Entity & Structure Formation, Company Secretarial support, Corporate Governance Compliance solutions, Legal & Regulatory Compliance, Corporate Compliance review, Boardroom Solutions, Domiciliation Services, Payroll & Book-Keeping, and People Solutions.


We deliver hands-on training courses on subjects that are particularly useful and relevant to Directors, Executive Management, Company Secretaries, and aspiring Professionals.

Trademark & Patent Renewals

Managing renewal obligations for clients.

Investors' & Members’ Services

Investors’ & Members’ Communication, Investors’ & Members’ Meetings’ Management, E-Voting/Electronic Proxy Management, Escrow Management, and Investor Immigration.

Each of our four service lines – Administration & Business Support, Training, Trademark & Patent Renewals, and Investors’ & Members’ Services – is staffed by internationally & locally trained and multi-industry professionals who are specialist in handling clients’ compliance issues so that clients can focus on meeting their own business objectives.

We provide practical solutions for the legal or regulatory compliance needs of our clients and our commitment to help our clients incorporate compliance as a culture, rather than an obligation, for their organisation, makes us the provider of choice.

  • Practical 100%
  • Innovative 100%
  • Flexible 100%
  • Entrepreneurial 100%
  • Team-oriented 100%