Administration & Business Support

Entity & Structure Formation

We set up legal entities and operating structures.

Domiciliation Services

We provide entities with a registered office, and provide independent directors, managers and legal signatories.


Administration Services

We will take responsibility for handling the administrative tasks relating to the existence of your entity or structure.


Company Secretarial Support

We provide a tailored company secretarial support for your business taking into account the sector or industry helping ensure your legal and regulatory compliance obligations are met. We are experienced across multiple sectors, and various types of entities and structures.

Board Support & Boardroom Solutions

We organise, assist or facilitate your Board and Committee meetings, ensuring they run ‘hitch free’ and result in productive results for your business success. We work with a variety of aids and we are knowledgeable on the technological methods that can help the board of directors comply with their duties effectively and efficiently.

Corporate Compliance Health-check

We can help ensure that your entity is up to date with its legal and regulatory compliance obligations. If you are unsure about the compliance status of your entity, we are here to help.


Corporate Governance Support & Compliance Solutions

We are here to help your entity comply with its obligations under any relevant local and international rules, regulations, governance codes, or legislation for any sector. We ensure you have the necessary policies and procedures in place, promote the culture within your entity, monitor compliance, and give advice as and when necessary.

Project Management & People Solutions

We can be an extra pair of hands in particularly busy periods. Our wide-ranging experience means we can offer company secretarial support with the expertise and capacity to handle the ad-hoc projects that occur from time to time.

Payroll & Book-keeping

We offer you a book-keeping, and payroll management service.


Directors’ & Board Evaluation

Try our Online Board Evaluation Service which is our easy-to-use, and accessible tool for evaluating your board members anywhere in the world at a given time. Board Evaluations which are a mandatory compliance obligation for all public companies are a good tool for improving a board’s effectiveness, reinforcing appropriate board and management roles, and identifying any obstacles to better performance for any company. Board Evaluations should not be boring, monotonous, or time-consuming. We take away the strain and stress of undertaking this annual exercise made mandatory by regulation, and our evaluation tool is tailor-made to focus on your organisation and its specific needs, and we support you through the entire process.easy-to-use, and accessible to your board members anywhere.