JEE Client Services is a governance and compliance service provider for Small-Medium- Enterprises (SMEs), Corporates, High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs), and Membership Organisations. We use our experience, technical expertise and technology-driven work methods to cater to the needs of clients. Our technology-backed approach makes us efficient, responsive, cost-effective and flexible for any client

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Administration & Business Support

Let us help you handle and alleviate the strain or burden of your corporate entity’s governance, compliance, and business support needs & obligations. We have the core expertise, technological-support, and team strength to ensure your business is effectively administered and supported.

Come and speak to us about your Entity Administration, Company Secretarial, Board Support & Solutions,  Compliance Health-check, Governance Support, Board Evaluations, Payroll & Book-keeping

Patent & Trademark Renewals

We provide a low-cost Trademark & Patent Renewals service. This Service covers the lifecycle of a Renewal Process including:

  • Renewal application filing.
  • On-going support and liaison with the Trademark, Patent and Design Registry.
  • Renewals’ portfolio management.
  • Prompt reminders ahead of Renewal due dates.
  • Management of Official Receipts and Renewal Certificates
  • Secure online access to view the progress of your trademark and/or patent information.

Investors' & Members' Services

If you are an Investors’ or Membership organisation, we can provide you support to effectively engage with investors, shareholders and members. We will help you constructively and inclusively keep in touch with your investors or members with focus on governance, compliance and productivity.

Come and speak to us about your stakeholder engagement needs today, our expertise and experience may be just what you are looking for.

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Know What the EU Data Protection Regulations mean for Your Nigerian Business

EU Data Protection Regulations will apply to some Nigerian Businesses from 2018 because it applies to companies (regardless of whether they are physically located in EU) offering goods or services to individuals resident in EU.

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Education Governance: 3 Steps to Consider in Producing Your School’s Child Protection Policy

The threats to the protection of children whilst in your care has increased in volume and sophistication. There are the traditional threats of bullying, abuse, and health & safety which have evolved to include kidnapping & extortion, cyberbullying (e-safety),child grooming, radicalism e.t.c.

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Corporate Governance: The Basic Essentials for a Director’s Induction

It is important, to deliver a well-planned and comprehensive induction to any new director.

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The Compliance Checklist for an SME

There are a variety of compliance obligations for different businesses based on the size and type of business, and business sector. A simple compliance health-check carried out by an experienced compliance service provider like JEE Client Services, is the starting point to assessing your compliance status.

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Business Habits (Infographic): 7 Pointers on Protecting Your Business

An Infographic on tips for protecting your business.

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Lessons from Adidas on protecting your Business Trademark

One of the best kept secrets in business, particularly for any thriving and growing business, is the value of a trademark to its product differentiation. With any economic downturn, a strong trademark becomes an effective marketing tool. Where there is a decrease in demand against supply and a scramble for the customer’s attention, a strong trade identity will ultimately influence the purchasing behaviour of customers who are likely to be careful in their buying decisions and revert to familiar and trusted brands.

Trademarks therefore play a vital role in commerce and competition.

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