Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Support & Compliance Solutions

The Governance structure and culture of any organisation will set it apart from its competition and make it attractive to investors, customers, employees, and service providers looking to work with and for the organisation. We are here to help your entity comply with its obligations under any relevant local and international rules, regulations, governance codes, or legislation for any sector. We ensure you have the necessary policies and procedures in place, promote the culture within your entity, monitor compliance, and give advice as and when necessary.

Board Evaluation

We facilitate and conduct director and board evaluations for entities looking to improve board effectiveness, or review and reinforce appropriate board and management roles in line with best practices. Board Evaluation is a mandatory compliance obligation for all public companies and a good tool for improving boards’ effectiveness, reinforcing appropriate board and management roles, and identifying any obstacles to better performance for any company.


We deliver hands-on training courses on subjects that are particularly relevant to Directors, Executive Management, Company Secretaries and aspiring Professionals.


Set up a whistleblowing facility at your organisation today & encourage a speak up culture

The Principle 19 of Part B in the Code of Corporate Governance proposes the acquisition of a whistleblowing policy to encourage transparency and effective corporate governance standards.

It is important for every organization to have an effective Whistle-blowing Policy to help combat corruption and encourage people to voluntarily disclose information relating to improper practice, bribery, fraud, financial misconduct and any other form of practice.

Legal & Regulatory Consultancy

We are able to take on the responsibility of ensuring your compliance with standard financial and legal practices and maintain good standards of governance in your Business.