JEE Client Services is a governance, compliance, and business support service provider. We provide services to Businesses (private and listed), NGOs, and Public Sector-funded Entities.


With our heritage from the award-winning Law firm, Jackson, Etti and Edu (JEE), we use our trio of experience, expertise and technology to cater for the compliance and governance needs of our clients.


We CREATE, STRUCTURE, and SUPPORT businesses and organisations with the aim of achieving commercial, ethical, and sustainable objectives.



JEE Client Services (JCS) provide both technical and practical support for your business and advice on corporate governance. We also provide an annual company secretarial compliance service including a checklist of matters requiring attention. By acting as company secretary to our client, we can ensure that adequate measures are put in place so that they fulfil their statutory obligations.
Our support extends to in-house company secretaries. Where appropriate, we liaise with our colleagues in the firm on matters which require cross-departmental input.


To become the preferred choice for corporate administration, entity management and corporate governace best practices in Nigeria.


To use technological solutions to support and cater for businesses while addressing their compliance needs using a world class service standard.


Innovative: we remain creative with delivering unique solutions in servicing our clients.

Flexible: we are agile in responding to our clients whenever the need arises.

Pragmatic: We provide practical insights and solutions to our clients.

Team effort: We value collaborative and collective accountability in achieving our objectives.

Entreprenuerial Spirit: We also encourage our people to be self-starters





Our Clients


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are defined by their asset base of N5million naira or less revenue per year and the number of staff employed (0-100 employees).  SMEs can either exist as Registered Business Names or Incorporated Entities (usually a private company) and are thus required to comply with various regulatory obligations. Helping you comply with these obligations, no matter how little or burdensome, is our business.


Corporate Entities include the Medium-Large Sized Private Companies, Public Companies, listed companies, Groups. Whatever the size or scale of your corporate entity, we can help you organize your business, corporate structure and culture. Your legal and regulatory obligations become our responsibility.